Are you a fully qualified and trained teacher? Are you interested in teaching at an International School based somewhere in Asia, but are flexible on the exact location? Or do you have a very specific location in mind? If that is the case, send Byron Recruitment your CV and a brief description of what you are looking for and we'll help you land your dream job in Asia!

Often international teaching vacancies come up quickly and are filled just as fast. Finding the right job for you is a combination of having the right experience and background while finding the right opportunity at just the right time. You have to be looking and open to offers, when the school is in need and starting their search. At Byron Recruitment we are informed about vacancies and hiring needs early and if we have someone qualified and interested on file, we are able to quickly match the two parties together long before the job becomes public and competition increases.

All of our partner schools are fully vetted to ensure they meet high educational and support standards in the work place as well as providing excellent living conditions for you and your family. Most International Schools in Asia offer new and modern facilities, services and instruction that rivals and even surpasses what many western private schools are able to offer. Asia continues to undergo a boom in International School growth. The number of new and expanding International Schools shows no indication of slowing down over the coming years. That means more jobs and exciting opportunities for qualified and passionate teachers and educators who are open to new challenges at the right time. For those willing to live and work in Asia, it offers a unique and exciting lifestyle along with a rewarding work environment.

Byron Recruitment will not share a candidates information for a prospective opportunity without first reviewing the role in detail with each candidate and determining if it is a good fit and of interest to you.

Typically our International School partners offer the following benefits for International Teachers (differs by employer and country)

  • Competitive Salary
  • Contract Completion Bonus
  • Furnished Housing
  • Return Flights
  • Tuition and Education for dependents
  • Health Care for the entire family

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your search for a great teaching opportunity in Asia.

Byron Recruitment

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